A book that will challenge, and redefine what you think it means to be a man in today’s world. 

- Conner Beaton Found Of Man Talks

In This Book You Will Discover....
Perk #1
How to confront the ways you’ve been taught to hide… Gain the step by step blueprint for how to live unhidden.
Perk #2
Learn to navigate with ease the challenges of succeeding with a modern woman… So you can have the relationships you desire.
Perk #3
Understand the effects of our Society of Disapproval… Be free of its claws to pursue to have your best life.
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What People Are Saying About unHidden....
unHIDDEN is a provocative and powerful guide for navigating through the roles, stereotypes, assumptions and masks we wear.
Nancy Levine
The New Relationship Blueprint
"UnHidden is an unflinching  look at what it takes to find your way as a man in today's world — without offering easy answers or indulging in the polarizing politics of resentment that's become so disturbingly common. 
Bob Gower
Author of Getting To YES
Meet Rob
Robert Kandell is the creator of unHIDDEN for Men. He is the host of the well-known podcast, Tuff Love, an accomplished teacher, avid writer, coach, and lecturer committed to helping men find themselves and utilize their internal power to live their best lives in love and on purpose.

He also contributes daily to his Living unHIDDEN community at For more information go to
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